Why a Career in Pipe Fitting Might Be Right for You

More people are moving away from positions that require a college education and are opting to take up skilled trade work instead. Trades offer many benefits like good pay, interesting work opportunities and more. One of the positions getting a lot of interest is the field of pipefitting and for many good reasons.

Good Benefits

There is a good chance you will find your way into a pipe fitters union oklahoma once you get going in your career. These unions ensure that their members get benefits like medical care, paid time off, and fair over time. While many of these benefits used to be fairly commonplace in most positions, they are becoming rather rare and have started to be seen as a luxury to many. A career in pipefitting is one of the few available that will ensure that your family has the benefits that they need to be healthy and secure.

Overtime Pay

There is almost always more work to be done if you want to do it as a pipefitter and being part of a union ensures that you will be compensated for it fairly. While this usually requires you to work evenings or on the weekend, the increase in pay can be worth it for many people in the industry. The high demand for work from pipefitters in large part comes from the recent boom that the oil industry has been experiencing. If you live in a community with oil resources, you are more likely to get overtime. Even if you don’t live in one of these communities many companies are willing to pay expenses for you to travel on site to work in a different region if you have the skill and qualifications.

Steady Employment

While many industries experienced problems during the depression, pipefitting doesn’t seem to be one of those that were affected. The industry is expected to see an increase in growth through the year 2022 and beyond. Getting into the industry now ensures that you will be able to have a stable career for you and your family for many years to come that offers a good chance to be promoted.

Short Training Period

There are two ways to get into pipefitting and neither of them requires a traditional college degree. One method is to go into a technical training program while the other is to apprentice the trade under an experienced pipefitter. In addition, the cost of training for the career is considerably more affordable earning a college degree. The sooner you start your training the sooner you will be able to get into the quickly growing field of pipefitting and securing your future.

Good Paying Positions

Many pipefitters receive a salary that meets or even exceeds those offered in fields that require a college degree. On average, pipe fitters make more than $20 an hour with a salary of almost $50,000 a year. The return on the investment you make in education is extremely high.

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