Basic Ways the Workplace Can Improve Safety and Security

Worker safety, heath, and security should be top priorities for your business. At the most basic level, it is necessary for businesses to know the laws and regulations they are required to follow in regard to safety and security. Beyond these standard rules, creating an office environment that values the wellbeing of employees and takes every measure to protect them and keep them secure can vastly improve the morale, loyalty, and success of a business.

Review the following suggestions to help make your business one that champions proper care of their valuable employees.

Open-up Communication about Safety and Security

Supervisors must be informed about safety risks, and hazards should be immediately reported. It is their legal responsibility to provide a safe work place and environment. The same goes for concerns about security. It’s also important to go beyond the bare required minimum and foster a safe environment that encourages open communication about safety between managers and employees.

Make reporting easy to do and even provide anonymous options. Hold regular meetings about safety that feature dynamic speakers who aim to educate in an engaging way and not simply deliver a dry reading of the rules. Make reference information readily available in the office and through e-communications.

Prevent Breaches & Identity Theft

In our increasingly digital world, lowering the risk of data breaches and exposure of employee and customer information is a pivotal part of a security protocols. This not only includes using proper anti-virus software, firewalls, encryption, and other measures set-up by IT professionals, but it also means properly disposing of old electronics, storage drives, and other technology that contains personal or company data. Physical and analogue theft remains a major source of identity theft and breaches, too, so it’s important to find paper shredding services near you and avoid being the next big headline.

Encourage and Support Physical Health

Worker safety usually brings proper procedures, equipment, and insurance to mind, but it also means employees who are physically healthy. Health affects personal and work life equally. Provide ample breaks and opportunities for employees to leave their desks, stretch, and walk around. Comfortable break rooms and games can provide a nice reprieve. Provide healthy snacks and filtered water in addition to coffee and tea in the break room. Provide education, devices, and ergonomically-designed furniture to encourage proper posture and support a comfortable work station. Reduce required overtime and other damaging practices that contribute to burn out.

Value Safety and Security over Speed

Worker safety should never be traded for speed. Trying to complete tasks too quickly is a major cause of injuries at work. It not only leads to physical harm, but inferior products are produced when the proper time isn’t taken. Provide fully visible instructions that all workers can reference in addition to training and refresher training opportunities.

Likewise, employees taking shortcuts and not following recommended security rules, like when dealing with data, transactions, paperwork, etc. can lead to a security breach or data exposure.

Reduce Work and Environmental Stressors

Stress is a component in virtually all known diseases and illnesses, both physical and mental. An improper work/life balance, unreasonable milestones, bars, and standards that employees are expected to reach, and an environment that simply has too much pressure, are sources of major stress, anxiety, and depression in many workers’ lives. Proper benefits, perks, rewards, open communication, accountability measures, respect, and a safe working environment all helps combat stress and tension significantly.

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