Top Five Trends in Home Security Systems

Every year, we see different trends in home security. Since new technology keeps coming up, homeowners keep looking for the best security systems for their homes. In 2018, we are going to see numerous inventions for home security. These new technologies will provide peace of mind to homeowners. Below are the top 5 home security trends for 2018.

App-Based Home Security Systems

This trend is a thing this year. Most home-based security systems are now mobile app-enabled and security companies all over the country are being installed. Any electronic security company that is not offering smart home security systems without a mobile system advantage cannot compete in this market. Home security is now evolving to fit the need of individual users. Parents love the flexibility of mobile apps because it allows them to operate their homes even when they are not close.

Great Service from Home Security Companies

Security companies are now getting into a new space because they are now competing with tech companies and other DIY alternatives like Nest and Google. Since competition is high in this field, security companies now have to offer even better services, and there is still a lot of room for security companies to compete. Security companies can still dominate as they can offer much better security systems for organizations compared to the cheap alternatives that are offered by other companies.

Security and Automation

Home automation is a new entry into the market, and it is also easy to integrate with home security systems. There are now offers by home security companies on both home automation and home security. For these packages, you will be able to manage your thermostat, activate your humidity controls, lock/unlock your doors, turn the lights on/off and many more. Security is a vital requirement, but the convenience that home automation brings to the table makes it a huge trend. The ability to turn off the lights even when you are not home is a practical need to ensure that all your appliances are in safe mode even when you have traveled.

Child Safety Features

Home security features offer parents peace of mind. And what piece of mind? The peace of mind they need when they are not at home while their children are getting home. Parents have the priceless opportunity you know that their children are home safe even if they get home earlier.

Video Features

Home security systems now have lots of features, from mobile app capability, child safety features, etc. Since the video has become synonymous with every digital device, home security systems also had to adapt to this need. A video is useful in several ways because homeowners can check who is at the door or windows at any time. Once you place the cameras well, you can watch your home from anywhere you are in the world through your smartphone or your computer. Since video camera technology is now affordable, there is no need to record to tape because now cameras can record to the cloud. There are still many more trends in the home security industry; these are just the ones we expect to see growth for the rest of 2018.


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