Tips for Fixing and Repairing Cracks in Concrete Floors

There are numerous reasons for which the cracks in the concrete floor can happen like drying the slab prematurely, using heavy load items on the floor, bad controlling of the joints and their design etc.

It is quite complicated when it comes to repairing the cracks in the concrete floor of a commercial or industrial settlement. A proper diagnosis and evaluation of the cracked area has to be done. It is because if it’s not diagnosed properly than repair duration might be short-lived.

It is valuable fora business’s budget to stop the work in between and perform the concrete crack repair.

Determining the reason for the crack

It is very important to understand the reason that has caused the problem of a crack on your concrete floor. You have to halt the work in the affected area for a few days otherwise if you repair the cracks in the concrete floor and if there is any movement then it will be waste money and effort.

Determining the crack stability

All the methods will fail if the crack is not stable. You have to stabilize it prior to the repair. To determine the stability, you have to check whether the cracks stand out with a span of one foot on both sides of the crack and pass a heavy load over it to check for any movement.

If your crack is unstable, you will feel the movement. To stabilize a crack, you have to follow the process of slab stabilization which can be implemented with the help of an expert team. The process of stabilization is quite complicated andhas to be technically maintained.

Methods for crack repair

You can use the following concrete crack repair methods:

  • First of all, you have to analyze the crack by setting up a router over the crack with the help of a V-blade which is mounted over a shrouded. You have to control the dust coming out of the crack using a chaser which is attached to the vacuum.
  • In the next turn, you have to fill the cracks with the help of any mortar called epoxy, made of a mixture of materials. It has to be filled deep inside the crack. It is necessary that crack should be left for a night so that mortar gets hardened.
  • Once the mortar gets hardened, you should proceed with the next step where you are required to grind the hardened mortar material. It is done so that a very finished and smooth surface can be obtained.
  • For smoothness, you are required to use a shrouded grinder along with the vacuumed diamond grinder. You must use a blade with a 24 segment in order to get the smooth finishing.
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