The Benefits of Having Your Building Engineer Onsite

Building engineers are experts that you should have on site to help manage the building. They are the eyes and ears of the property manager. They deal with tenants’ vendors and typical building issues day in and day out. They have vast knowledge from HVAC to plumbing as well as electrical solutions. They quickly build a rapport with vendors and they always seem to understand what the building is going through. Having your building engineers on site is beneficial because they can get to tenants quicker, the can work with vendors, and they are available for building emergencies.

Getting to Tenants Quicker

Sometimes tenants have something simple going on such as a light out. Other times it can be as drastic as a flood in the hallway of the building. A good thing to have in place is a system that tracks and pages the engineers, so they can complete the tasks at either a preset priority level or at a level that they know is right. It is important to have engineers on site, so they can attack an issue right away and the tenant isn’t let waiting. The building is also better because they were on site to avoid any major damage from happening to the building.

Working with Vendors

Building engineers are usually seasoned to a point where they can supervise a vendor and make sure everything is going smoothly. They also have keys and answers when there is a service call, so they can talk with the vendors and get a clear understanding of the proposed solution. Building engineers are very helpful to the property managers because they have lived the problem and they usually know whether the vendor is offering a workable solution. One of the benefits of working with a group of building engineers Dallas is the manger can trust the engineer to put the best interest of the building first.

Building Emergencies

Building engineers are fast acting and they usually come up with a solution before they reach out to the property manager. All the manager must do is agree to the solution. If there is a major part needed that would take about a week if ordered online versus someone running to a hardware store a few miles down the road, then it’s better to have your engineer onsite. You are saving shipping charges and time delays by having someone who can bring the part in today. In some cases, it is the engineer themselves who is more than capable of repairing minor damage.

Having onsite management is a great selling point for commercial properties but also having onsite engineers is even better. Tenants want to know that their needs will get handled. The sooner the better for everyone involved. Having onsite building engineers also shows that management or owners care about a building and care about the level of service they can provide. Keeping building engineers at your building allows them to get to tenants quicker, work with vendors, and be available for building emergencies.


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