Power Systems And Overhead Lines

Power systems and locomotives often require extensive testing and certification. With the wide range of industrial and electrical railways that are built across our world, there is a need for a series of overhead line system designs that are tested and built for reliability. The two main types of overhead lines are the basic wire suspension of a simple contact wire as well as an overhead line that is connected. Contact wire involves a basic wire suspended on an attachment point. Overhead lines can be anchored along the side using flat chain technology or with a carrying cable for vertical high chain functions.

High chain or chain catenary with carrying cables have become the standard for many types of passenger rail and mainline railways. This ensures that the contact wire can be as horizontal as possible and efficient. This design can make sure that there are fewer horizontal forces on the wire connection as well as vertical forces due to elevation changes. The contact wire and cable are going to be anchored separately and kept under a constant tension.

A crucial aspect of managing any overhead line is the supply points which are available throughout sections of the line and electrically separated from one another. Each is heavily monitored and this can reduce failure rates. Zigzag curve within a series of electronic limits will make sure that the overhead line is arranged to power each section of a track. Given limits are relative to the track center and adjusted at each power supply. The ongoing monitoring happens throughout the system as well as at each supply area.

Keeping this path and monitoring power systems can be crucial in any type of passenger train, supply train, or tram system. If you would like to learn more about these power systems and overhead line configurations, contact us today to learn more.

This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Swartz Engineering. For nearly a half a century, Swartz Engineering has been at the forefront of industry safety. They are a family-owned company specializing in power distribution for the electrical industry. Our design ensures maximum flexibility for excellent reliability and a high return on investment. Click here for more information.

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