How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

Erectile dysfunction is a bodily disorder where a man is unable to maintain erection for a time period generally for the entire process of intercourse. There are many reason which lead to the development of erectile dysfunction in a man. Most of the reasons are directly or indirectly related with a bad lifestyle like consuming alcohol, recreational drugs and smoking.

Beside this there are many medical conditions which leads to erectile dysfunction in a man. People generally have a misconception that erectile dysfunction only happens in older age. This is true to some extent but researches and studies have found out that people of younger age are now falling prey to erectile dysfunction.

This is a big concern because we live in a society where people work day and night to manage their livelihood and this is indirectly hampering their sex life. The soaring stress levels while working in a corporate environment or the personal relationship with partner is giving people the unwanted stress which is resulting in a major population of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Though there are many treatments available to get hold of erectile dysfunction but first the patient has to consult a doctor. The doctor has many ways through which he can evaluate and diagnose erectile dysfunction and prescribe the best treatment as per the condition and root cause of the ED in a man.

Erectile dysfunction is a bodily disorder the frequency of which differ from person to person. So if a person is suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean it can imply to all other person suffering from ED. The cause of erectile dysfunction in person can vary a lot and hence it is very much required that a person must consult doctor before simply starting the treatment taking someone else’s reference.

So let’s look into the step with the help of which a doctor diagnose erectile dysfunction in a man:

Physical examination is one way through which the doctor tries to find the root cause of erectile dysfunction. There are many underlying medical conditions which makes a person prone to erectile dysfunction.

Some of the medical conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, brain surgery, Parkinson’s disease, blood pressure problem, stroke, atherosclerosis, hypogonadism etc. can result into erectile dysfunction. So the first attempt a doctor makes to find the root cause is by examining if a person has some sort of medical condition. Once the diagnosis is done then the treatment is prescribed.

Sometime a person suffering from erectile dysfunction is physically fit but there are psychological factors associated with him which leads to erectile dysfunction. Stress, anxiety, overcautious behavior during sex, troubled relationship with sex partner are some of the reason with impact the mental health of the person. This is one of the reason why doctors also prescribe therapies for such people to get well soon.

There are some physical conditions wherein the person suffer from low frequency of erectile dysfunction so the doctor advices him to take recreational drugs like Viagra or generic Cialis which is very effective in keeping the erection stable for a long time. Cialis generic or Viagra is a good alternative for people looking to find an easy cure to their low frequency erectile dysfunction. Beside this vacuum device, yoga and aerobics exercises are also advised to treat erectile dysfunction.

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