Chattanooga: Spring Cleaning Tips

Most people do spring cleaning as they see it as a good opportunity to get rid of the clutter that they don’t need, the dirt that accumulated during the winter, and the dust that is stuck around their home.

Some simply want to freshen up their home for the warm weather that is coming and make it look more appropriate. Whatever your goal is, here are some tips that can help you do this more easily.

Organize your whole family

Moms are not the only ones that need to do spring cleaning. Everybody should pitch in as your home and backyard will look prettier for everyone. Kids can do some of the simplest tasks like bringing you the tools and cleaning products. Even though these are not complicated tasks and everyone can do them, there is a lot of them. Therefore, they will be of great help.

Cleaning on the inside

Make sure that you acquire all of the cleaning products that you need. Remember that not all surfaces can be cleaned with the same mixture or you might damage them. Clean all appliances inside the home, furniture, all of the spaces, and grooves. As you clean, sort and organize things around the home and declutter by throwing out the things you don’t need.

Cleaning on the outside

Make sure that you wash out all of the gutters, concrete, windows, and your whole yard. Scrape all of the leaves and put them in large garbage bags alongside all the debris. Check for any water that is stuck around the house from the melted snow. Make sure to look for dumpster rentals in Chattanooga to get rid of all of the debris. If you don’t have enough for a full truck, organize with your neighbors.


We hope that these general tips will help you organize your spring cleaning and make your house sparkle.

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