Are You Planning On Hiring A Mexican-based Orchestra for Your Event?

With events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties booming beyond unprecedented levels, there has never been a better time to hire a Mexican-style orchestra to showcase its expertise and captivate your guests. As exceptional as they might be, hiring such a group of talented musicians is quite an expensive affair definitely worth every dime. But before forking out your hard-earned money and settling on a specific group, here are a few pointers that you need to consider.

Exceptional Quality

Before a Mexican-based orchestra can purport to deliver beyond the expected results, they must be pre-vetted to ensure that they have what it takes to deliver on a grand stage and before special events. Preferably, request for a demo CD to ascertain their unmatched expertise. Not only that, but their music content must be well produced and in tune beyond reproach. It’s also in your best interest to scrutinize customer reviews and testimonials before making an informed decision. An impeccable mariachi band possesses excellent customer reviews as a testament to their track record. Settling on any group is tantamount to experiencing substantial loss of time and money.

The Scope of Work and Format Used

Hiring an ideal Mexican orchestra is highly dependent on the scope of your event. The group usually arrives an hour before the performance kicks off to set up their vast instruments, change into their preferred costumes and tune-up. While not all groups use a PA system, finding one that specializes in this will definitely come in handy. As the client, you are at liberty to set the duration of the performance while most groups usually perform in 45-minute sets characterized by sets in between. For a PA system-oriented group, music is often played from an MP3 or CD player. As a rule, kindly discuss with your designated group before hiring them.

Equipment Needed

While most Mexican orchestra groups are totally self-sufficient and possess their own equipment, it’s in your best interest to ascertain this fact before signing on the dotted line. If a PA system is of paramount importance to your event, don’t hesitate to confirm with your coordinator before booking. If your event is scheduled for an outdoor performance, then insisting on a PA system will hardly offer any meaningful value to you.


Mexican orchestra groups are widely considered to be mobile and a PA system is an essential tool for events characterized by substantial space. A standard three-member group needs 3 by 3 meters to perform efficiently. On the other hand, a seven-member band needs a stage measuring a standard 6 meters wide and 4 meters deep to perform with proficiency.


Suffice to say, reputation plays an essential role in the quality of your music performance. Experience, the quality of equipment and the ability to captivate an audience will undoubtedly cost more than any novice group in the business. Not only that but the number of sets performed and the distance traveled also determine the final costs to be paid. A Mexican orchestra group performing for 2 sets of 45 minutes often charges between $172 -$203. Depending on your specific entertainment needs, it’s highly advisable to consider your budget before picking a specific group. It’s abundantly clear that a Mexican orchestra group possesses the unique capacity to turn your event into a spectacle to behold. But pulling off this remarkable feat entails considering a multitude of factors crucial in helping you to obtain optimal value in return.


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