Are you getting the best boiler service?

With the colder months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about whether your boiler is up to scratch. The best way to do this is to book an annual service, but how can you ensure that the quality of service provided is adequate?

What to consider

It is vital to hire a Gas Safe qualified engineer, (this can be checked via the Gas Safe Register), but Which recently investigated 10 engineers servicing boilers, 6 of which were from major brands, and the results were appalling. Not one engineer followed the boiler manufacturer’s servicing instructions, four did not fix gas pressure which was intentionally set too high, one engineer even fabricated test results on the paperwork and alarmingly, seven of the ten engineers failed to carry out the minimum legal checks.

With most boiler services costing between £60 – £100, or sometimes more if paid via monthly cover/insurance, customers understandably expect a thorough and comprehensive service, which meets all the relevant legal and safety requirements.

With even the most well-known firms making dangerous mistakes, how can you ensure you’re getting the best boiler service?

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Firstly, speak to the company about what they will do as part of their service. Quotes and information can be received via telephone, or most companies have an option to quickly and easily contact them via their website, such as Gloucester boiler servicing experts HPR Services. It is worth knowing what should be covered during the service.

What a professional boiler service should include

Although not all boilers are the same, a good boiler service should involve visual checks on both the boiler and the flame where possible, and checks on the operating pressure and/or heat input, the flue, safety devices, case seals and the key boiler components under the casing – if unsure, look at a good checklist such as the one found at The boiler should be fired safely to highlight any faults, the parts should be cleaned if required and on completion, the engineer should provide an accurately completed written report showing everything they have done. The whole process should take around 30 minutes.

Remember, if you are unsatisfied or unsure about anything you feel the engineer has failed to do, or if the service seems a lot shorter than expected, you can question them or contact their company directly.


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