Hotel Entrance Mats And Flooring

The best hotels are known for their elegant settings, impeccable furnishings, and attentive service. The guests expect the best. However, poor floor mats can make a bad first impression. No matter if you run a small Bed and Breakfast or a 5-star hotel chain, it is important to choose the right floor mats to maintain high standards for safety, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction.

Hotel Entrance Mats

The first impressions are made at the entrance. Therefore, it is important to choose a mate that feels and looks as luxurious as its surroundings. Coir Matting, which is ideal for smaller boutique hotels and B&Bs, is a popular choice. However, it will quickly wear out in busy entrances. The mat must look amazing and be able to maintain the floors dry.

Logo Mats

A custom logo mat is a great way to showcase your brand. Each mat is made to order, making them truly individual. There are over 60 colors available to choose from so that your mat will reflect the true colors of the brand. These custom logo rugs and mats are a great addition to any hotel lobby. They combine excellent absorption and high-definition printing quality.

Commercial Grade Barrier Mats

Barrier mats protect floors from dirt and water that visitors bring into the building. These mats are constructed in the same manner as for regular loose-lay equivalents, but they are longer which makes them more effective. Because they are larger than regular loose lay mats, guests have to take more steps while using the mat. This allows it to trap more dirt and grime than smaller mats.

Loose Lay Hotel Entrance Mats

While permanent matting should always be used, it is sometimes a good idea to use loose lay mats in extreme weather conditions. A more luxurious mat is better suited for other areas of the hotel such as guest rooms. The Easy Clean Machine washable Mat has a soft microfibre pile that is comfortable underfoot. It can also be machine washed, making it easy for you to keep it clean and looking new.

Outdoor Entrance Mat

You may have more problems if your hotel is located in rural areas than if it is in cities. A mat outside your building is a great way to combat this problem. The rubber outdoor mats have thousands of tiny fingers that remove dirt and debris from the floor. Customers love it and rate it as one of the best-selling mats.

Wet Area Hotel Mats

Some hotels may not only have an entrance, but also a place where can be found floor mats. Many hotels offer leisure facilities like swimming pools or spas. These have their challenges. Wet floors in and around pools can pose a danger to swimmers, as well as being unhygienic. You will find a variety of Wetroom Mats options, including interlocking tiles and long runs, as well as individual mats. Each option is specifically designed to protect guests from the hazards of wet floors. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match your surrounding colors.

Hotel Reception Mats

Most hotel employees will spend a lot of their working days on their feet, even receptionists. Front-of-house staff is often in static positions, which can lead to health problems such as muscle aches, joint problems, and fatigue. Anti Fatigue mats are available to counter these issues.

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