Recommending the Right Garage Doors to Your Clients

Garage doors are an important part of one’s home. Choosing the garage doors frisco tx residents like and that match their needs involves considering several important factors. Recommend systems that combine curb appeal with safety, ease of use and technology to give your clients the doors that best meet their needs.

Maintaining trust is paramount when selecting the materials and construction element you recommend to your clients. One mistake or poor choice can damage the trusted relationships you work so hard to build with every client. Recommending the right garage door system for remodeling, home repairs and construction is a good example of an area where it is easy to make mistakes. For the best results, try to match the garage door, opener, and associated technology to each client’s unique situation and offer a choice of door systems that combine those elements with the price point and look your clients want.

Match the Door to the Design

Show your clients a variety of different garage door systems at or near the desired price point with an assortment of design and functional features. With the wide selection of quality metal, wooden, and man-made material garage doors available it should be easy to match existing structure design and add some curb appeal to the home. According to Bob Vila, many homeowners choose carriage style doors. These swing type doors combine attractive appearance with improved seals providing greater energy efficiency for the home.

Choose Quality Materials

Garage doors and openers are long term investments for your clients. They should be rugged enough to stand the wear of time and use. Quality steel garage doors are built to last and be secure. Most are constructed from a double layer of steel and coated with paint to mimic any desired finish. Home Tips recommends steel garage doors as a good choice because they do not crack, warp or suffer from bad weather. Quality steel doors are most often insulated with foam between the steel layers to help reduce heat loss from the garage.

Price and Value

Sometimes fitting a client’s wants inside their budget is difficult. It is better to be proactive and have a selection of quality door systems at different price/value points to compare. While costs are always an issue, stress that safety is a key factor when selecting garage doors. Nationally, the average cost of installing new garage doors ranges between $700 and $1500. The average nationwide is around $1000.00. These averages include the doors, installation and all the tracks and hardware needed for installation.

Safety First

Share the important safety features associated with each prospective garage door. Some will be better than others for families with children. Garage doors are very heavy. Some can weigh nearly 500 pounds, and this makes understanding related safety features of doors and openers important. Strongly recommend doors and openers featuring auto reverse sensors that detect when the door pathway is blocked. The technology is specifically designed to prevent the accidental injury of small children and pets.

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