Do I Have Bad Wiring?

Of all the systems operating in your home every day, few are nearly as important or as dangerous as your electrical system. The electrical systems of your home are a very complex network of many different wiring systems which work together to make many different aspects of your home work seamlessly. However, with such complexity there is plenty of room for things to go wrong. When this happens, it can often be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem is coming from. Here are a few signs that you could be having problems with the electrical wiring in your home.

Flickering Lights

One of the most common signs of an electrical wiring problem is flickering lights. Often when light fixtures are wired on the same circuit with appliances that use a greater amount of electricity, it can cause the electricity to become unstable. This will show up as flickering lights. This can easily be solved by having a professional electrician move light fixtures to a different circuit.

Strange Odors

Odors in your home can be a sure sign of something going wrong. You should never ignore a strange odor. Strange odors can sometimes be a sign that things are going wrong with your plumbing system, but if you smell strange smells coming from an electrical outlet you should take immediate notice. If you smell an odor coming from an outlet you should immediately unplug anything that is plugged in. Leave the outlet empty until a certified electrician can investigate the problem.

Obvious Sparking

Sparking can be startling in your home. Sparking is always a sign that something is not working right, however, it may not necessarily be a sign that you have bad electrical wiring. You should investigate where the sparking is coming from. If the sparking is originating from an outlet, breaker box or fuse box, you should call a certified electrician immediately. However, if the sparking is originating with the appliance, then you may want to contact an appliance repair person. Either way, sparking is a definite sign to discontinue use of the item or outlet and get assistance from a professional.

Hot Switch Plates or Outlet Plates

There are many appliances which are meant to create heat, however, if the outlet plate covering the outlet which the appliance is plugged into is hot, then you may have a serious problem. Try unplugging the appliance to see if the outlet plate cools off. If it does, then you could have a problem with the wiring of your appliance. If the plate does not cool off, discontinue using the outlet and call an electrician. If light switch plates are hot, you should seek an electrical repair philadelphia pa expert immediately and discontinue use of that light.

What’s at Risk

These types of electrical malfunctions can have very critical consequences in your home. Many thousands of house fires are caused each year through faulty electrical wiring. In addition to the dangers of house fires, individuals in the home are also at risk of electrocution through faulty wiring.

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