Moving Made Easy

Moving can be a daunting task. Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, there are many important things to consider when making the big move. Here are a few tips that will help to make your move easier.

Clean Everything Out

You would be amazed at what you find when you’re cleaning out your house. Before you move, take some time to clean out every closet and drawer. You might find some treasured heirlooms you forgot about, or you might find plenty of items to donate. Before you pack everything up, clean everything out, and you won’t have to carry as much from one place to the other. Make sure you double check every piece of furniture before you get ready to move it.

Color Code Your Boxes

Have you ever labeled something only to not remember what you actually meant? Rather than cover your boxes with illegible handwriting, try color coding boxes based on what room things belong in. Then you can know which boxes go where, and you can get more specific with labels. This will also make packing a truck or van easier to organize. The more preparation you put into organizing ahead of time, the easier things will be to unpack.

Prepare to Move Furniture

Moving furniture is never easy. Bulky and heavy items make up a lot of your home, and you don’t want anything to break during the move. Make a plan to move furniture by breaking items down into their smallest parts. If you have large items, consider using furniture straps or dollies. Whether two wheeled or four, many furniture dollies use a phenolic wheel in their design, which is not only sturdy but can carry a lot of weight. This allows you to more easily move furniture without having to lift or drag heavy items.

Gather Packing Materials

If you move often, it’s easy to store packing materials to use a few years later. If you haven’t moved in a while, there are many places where you can gather packing materials cheaply or for free. Check with your local recycling center to see if they have any materials on hand you can use. Use linens such as bedding and towels to wrap fragile items and pack two things at once.

Moving can be difficult, but by gathering packing materials, organizing your home, and making solid plans to move furniture, moving day can go much more smoothly.


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