Often people believe that because they’re law-abiding citizens that they have nothing to hide, so they don’t take the proper precautions to safeguard documents that may reveal sensitive information. But if scammers get their hands on enough information about you, that may be enough for them to commit identity fraud.

In the digital age, there is more to be concerned about than sensitive data on just your paper documents: people need to be cautious about information stored on old electronic equipment. That’s why people turn to companies dedicated to ensuring that both their paper documents and electronic data are destroyed securely. Read on to see some of the services delivered by professional shredders.

Paper Destruction

Is your home or office bulging with old files you’ll never open again? Simply throwing them in the garbage leaves you vulnerable to identity fraud, and the sheer bulk may be very time consuming to manually run through a shredder.

Whether you want to simply free up space or safely eliminate papers which pose a liability threat, leave it to professional shredders to destroy.

You can bring it to them to shred securely at their facilities, or many professional shredders have a mobile shredding truck that can conveniently come right to your office or home. If you’re looking for a company that gives you both options then contact Absolute Destruction today and get your sensitive documents destroyed soon.

Electronic and Data Destruction

Perhaps most people associate shredders with the destruction of paper, but today’s professional shredder services destroy sensitive data in whatever form it takes. Aside from paper, this commonly means electronics such as: hard drives; flash/USB drives; back-up tapes and drives; laptops and tablets; cell phones; and photo copier and printer memory cards.

You can’t just dispose of this kind of equipment by throwing it in the garbage, and even if you take the step of trying to physically break it yourself, the data will still be recoverable.

Are you really going to search through so many old hard drives before you throw them out, to ensure that they contain no sensitive information, like old passwords or banking information? And even supposing you did such a scan, can you be positive that you didn’t miss a file which has information on it you wouldn’t want a bad actor to get their hands on?

If you’re at all unsure, the safest thing to do is call the professionals, and let them give you peace of mind by destroying it securely. Whether it is paper or electronics, professional shredders always dispose of your sensitive data in a way that’s fundamentally safe, and also environmentally friendly.

Freeing up space in your home or office while at the same time destroying potential data liabilities can feel liberating, and that’s how you’ll feel if you have your sensitive documents shredded securely. Looked at another way, being the victim of identity fraud is a bad feeling, and nobody expects it will happen to them until it’s too late. Why not proactively avoid this catastrophe, and call professional data shredders today?

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