Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

One of the most crucial aspects of metal fabrication is the cutting process. One of the go to solutions for metal cutting in most fields today is the process of laser cutting. If you are in a metal fabrication field, it is important to understand the advantages of each type of cutting in the industry today. Here are some of the great qualities and disadvantages of laser cutting.

The Advantages of Laser Cutting

Highly Flexible

There’s no need to exchange cutting tools for every cut, there’s a wide range of shapes that can be cut out using computer-controlled machining and intricate cuts did not pose any problems even with different material thicknesses.


Laser cutting is one of the most accurate forms of cutting when compared to traditional thermal cutting or using standard machining.

Highly Repeatable

Almost every piece that is cut is an exact copy of the last. There are extremely tight tolerances.


Without the need of changing out tools and because cuts can be made in extremely complex formats, this is one of the fastest forms of cutting on the market. Laser cutting can be the fastest form of cutting for material at 10 mm.


These are tools that can be set up for low-cost running. With the introduction of a feeding system, the machine can run in an almost automated format.


You can remove almost any traces of a burr with the right setup on material, and this means less in the way of cleanup.

Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

There is a need for expertise in an operator and programmer. The right setup can change the quality of any laser cutting task.

Upfront Cost

A laser cutting machine can be quite expensive when compared to other forms of metal cutting.

Fumes From Machinery

When the laser has a chance to cut into different materials, it can sometimes produce dangerous fumes.

The advantages of laser cutting can greatly outweigh the disadvantages in most manufacturing processes.

If you are interested in working with a team that can provide assistance with ongoing laser cutting in your metal fabrication process, contact us today. We can provide you with a quote on your metal fabrication and laser cutting.

This article was written by Tyler Duoos, Tyler is the owner of General Saw Company. General Saw Company takes pride in being a leader in sheet metal fabrication services to Central Florida and its surrounding areas. If you are looking for Metal Fabrication Companies to get the job done right the first time we got you covered!



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